There are a set of rules that all users should follow on the Project CARS wiki.


  • Every user should treat others with respect.
    • Any user who makes offensive comments about another's nationality/race will get blocked for two weeks.
  • If a user vandalizes this wiki, they'll will be blocked for a month.
    • If done repetitively by the same user, a year and then infinite.
  • Swearing is forbidden.


  • All users are welcome to edit articles.
  • Users are not allowed to edit other users user pages other than their own.


  • Articles should be written in third person.
  • Articles have to be relevant to Project CARS.
  • If an article lacks content, it must be expanded in two days before it gets removed.
  • Duplicating articles is forbidden.
  • If an article is misspelled, it should be renamed by only admins
  • Articles should have some sources. If unverified for too long, the unverified statement will get removed.



  • All images have to be relevant to Project CARS.
  • Duplicated images are forbidden.


  • All videos have to be relevant to Project CARS
  • Duplicated videos are forbidden.


Contact an administrator for questions:

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